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Laurel Mill Playhouse

Scenic Design

Director: Mark Allen

Lighting Design: Mark Allen


"Striking is the appropriate word for the set, created by Set Designer James Raymond. With the warm but faded coats of apricot-peach paint covering the walls, accented with white stenciled designs, the tearoom interior has all the charm of a place that time might have forgotten in New York City. Raymond’s design is a tribute to the simplistic life on Broadway back in the day; a natural but simple setting that still feels authentic in its essence while allowing the actors to move about freely. The set is enclosed upon itself, creating the cramped effect without physically restricting the movement of the actors. Raymond does an exceptional job with coaxing an atmosphere out of something so basic."

- Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Entering the small theater on opening night felt like discovering a Main Street entrance to the casual New York City theatre district. Details of the beautifully angled set designed by James Raymond...lend a quaint authenticity to the setting."

-Patti Restivo, The Laurel Leader

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